Where Were You in 65?

Where Were You in 65? is a musical drama that takes a young man, unaware of his history on a nostalgic magical journey to the year 1965--where a loaf of bread was 20 cents; gasoline was 31 cents a gallon; the cost of a new 65 Mustang Coupe was about 3400 bucks; the backseats on buses was reserved for Negroes; and the music was clean, innocent, and inspirational. African Americans were experiencing the second cultural offspring of the Harlem Renaissance, where Black became beautiful, and afros appeared on the scene.


Our young protagonist, Bobby Williams, who is 21 years old, born in 1991, knows little about this bobby socks and blue suede shoes era. To Bobby, this is an unimportant, ancient time -- far from the 4G cell phone and iPad generation where segregation and slow dragging are distant and strange words. Bobby, who has little patience for returning to the golden sock hop days, will soon discover that the past taught the future how to swing out and to sing Doo-wop with charm and much stage craft.

Where Were You in 65? invites you to take this musical journey with Bobby to rekindle those wonderful memories of Duke of Earl, I Wish It Would Rain, My Girl, and Dancing in the Streets. The baby boomers will enjoy the music and the courage of the people of that historical moment. They will be proud of our young Bobby, who will enter a world that he has only read about. And yes, he will fall in love with a girl named Georgia, and he will know the true meaning of that question, when someone asks, "Where Were You in 65? Do you remember?"