Staff Council By Laws


 Staff Council By-Laws - Article III


Section 1. Eligibility 

All benefits-eligible, non-faculty University employees, who have been employed for at least one (1) year--with the exception of the President, and the Vice Presidents--shall be eligible for membership and/or representation by this Staff Council.

Section 2. Staff Council Representation
  1. The Staff of each EEO Classification at Texas Southern University shall be allowed to nominate members within their EEO classification to run for election, and all eligible Staff shall vote to elect all representatives who shall make up the Staff Council.
  2. The following scale shall determine Staff Council representation for each EEO Classification in the University. The population shall be based on the most current listing available from Human Resources for the month preceding the nomination call. The EEO Classifications and populations therein included will be reviewed every three (3) years on the first of the month preceding the call for nominations of Staff Council representatives.

Classifications for Representation are based on the following EEO Occupational Categories:

EEO Occupational Categories # of Employees % of Total # of Designated # of Alternatives  At-Large Members
 Executive /Administrator/Managerial  103  14%  1  
 Secretarial/Clerical  200  26%  3  2  
 Skilled Crafts/Service Maintenance  112  15%  2  1  
 Professional Non-Faculty  268  35%  4  2  
 Technical/Paraprofessional  73  10%  1  1  
  Total   756 100%    11  2

Section 3. EEO Classification Reviewed 

On March 1 of each third year beginning in 2009 (i.e., 2012, 2015, 2018), a listing from the official University Human Resources database will be printed and analyzed to determine the number of representatives each classification is to receive for the next three-year period. All ineligible employees, as defined in Article IV, Section 1, will be removed from the list prior to making the determination. It is the responsibility of the Election Committee to complete this process prior to annual elections. Should a classification's number of representatives decline as a result of this process, the next position to expire will not be refilled. However, no position with time remaining on the term will be immediately removed. Each classification will continue to have at least one representative regardless of the number of eligible employees within the classification.

Section 4. Terms begin September 1 
  1. Representatives shall serve a two (2) year term to begin the first day of September and to end on the last day of August.
  2. In the first year of Staff Council representation (2009), at least one (1) representative from each classification will only be allowed to serve a one (1) year term. Thus, in subsequent years, terms shall be staggered with elections conducted annually. No member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms, but may be re-elected after a one (1) year interval.
  3. An elected representative whose job classification changes during his/her term of office will serve the constituency that elected this representative until the next election. 
Section 5. Representatives’ Duties and Time Allowances 
  1. Representatives shall attend all meetings of the Staff Council.
  2. Representatives shall serve on committees as members, may be elected as chair of committees, and may be elected as an officer of the Staff Council.
  3. Representatives shall be available to their constituents, indicating how they can be contacted. They shall be willing to hear concerns, to receive information and suggestions, and to communicate these effectively to the Staff Council. In turn, representatives must keep their constituents informed of the work of the Staff Council and matters that the administration communicates to the Staff Council.
  4. Representatives shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to devote to Staff Council meetings and Staff Council work as part of their normal working duties. However, excessive time taken or needed for Staff Council work and/or assignments must be cleared with the representative's supervisor. 
Section 6. "Alternates" defined as: the individual who receives the next highest vote count in an EEO Classification 
  1. If a member of the Staff Council resigns or is unable to serve for any reason, the unexpired term will be filled from among those nominated but not elected at the last election in the order of the highest number of votes received. Said "alternate" will serve the remainder of the term and be designated as a "member."
  2. "Alternates" may be elected to two (2) additional terms. 
Section 7. Provision of Removal from Office 
  1. Any member/representative whose absence causes a represented category to be underrepresented for (3) three regular and/ or special called meetings of the Staff Council during the year shall automatically be removed. A new representative will be elected within 30 days and will take office immediately.
  2. A representative’s term of office may be terminated and a new representative elected at any time by a majority vote of all eligible category members. A vote to terminate a current representative and elect a new representative may be initiated by a written petition signed by at least fifty (50%) of the eligible Staff in a represented category