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Importance of Visual Consistency in University Websites

Research shows that approximately eighty percent of the information assimilated through the senses is visual. This means if each area produces its own Website with its own look and stylistic conventions, with no similarities to other TSU Websites, it becomes harder for viewers to associate those areas with TSU—running the risk of confusing our target audience about who we are and what we stand for. This visual association is important because the University as a whole benefits from the success of each of its parts. When any one area makes a positive impression on the public, TSU’s entire reputation strengthened.

TSU Web Guiding Principles

Maintaining the coherence of Texas Southern University’s corporate Web presence (“ www.tsu.edu”) is a vital first step in protecting the integrity of its public image. Accordingly, the University has outlined a set of Web Guiding Principles for all University Websites managed and maintained by the Office of Information Technology. These guiding principles were established by senior management to assist units in maintaining the University’s brand essence. All new development and/or contracted development created within the www.tsu.edu domain must abide by the TSU Web Guiding Principles. They are as follows:

  • TSU Web pages will have a standard look and feel by University brand and consistent navigation.
  • TSU Websites will be customer-centric.
  • TSU Web pages will facilitate business processes by striving for single source data.
  • TSU Web design will be flexible and scalable.
  • TSU Web content management systems will enable departmental autonomy while maintaining the University’s brand and Web experience by allowing TSU departments to be responsible for developing and maintaining their specific content.
  • TSU Web will maintain an appropriate level of security and confidentiality by protecting the rights and privacy of students, faculty, and staff.

The term “standard look and feel” is defined as the TSU Web banner that runs horizontal across the page and the left navigation bar that runs vertical down the page. These two navigational items represent the University’s online brand identity and are composed of the University’s hexadecimal colors (Maroon=42,00,18 and Grey=66,66,66) and visual identifier (TSU) with the appropriate tag line “Excellence in Achievement”. With these visual identity items present—departments/schools can modify their existing pages in whatever manner they deem necessary.

However, all requests for design changes and/or design modifications must be approved by the Office of Information Technology Web Services Division and adhere to the TSU Web Guiding Principles.

Departmental Responsibilities

The Office of Information Technology manages the University’s corporate Web presence, which includes hosting, security, software licenses, maintenance, technical support, Web content management training, project management, and contract oversight. The Office of Communications manages the University’s brand essence, which includes graphic standards and editorial style. The University's individual units, departments, schools and colleges manage their own Web content.

Web Content Management

The University currently utilizes the  OmniUpdate software platform to manage its Web content. This Web-based tool divides the University Website into two vectors: content and design. The content is kept separate from the design, meaning there is no danger of the user damaging the visual look and feel of the Website. Though content and design are combined to generate a complete Web presence, separation is maintained between those responsible for updating and providing content to their specific areas and the Office of Information Technology who is responsible for the site’s design integrity.

Web Support Requests

Please forward all Web requests to your designated Web Content Coordinator in your department. If you are unsure if your area has a Web Content Coordinator, please contact Daniel Anderson at (713) 313-4351. Depending on the nature of the request, response times may vary. Typical requests, however, are normally completed within three (3) business days. More complex requests, such as active server page development, may take longer. Each content coordinator should be able to provide an estimated completion date for your request. If for any reason your designated content coordinator cannot fulfill your request, please contact Daniel Anderson at the number previously provided.

New Web Development

All new development, which includes requests for additional Web pages, navigational modifications, and/or transactional application requests, must be formally submitted to the Office of Information Technology Web Services Division for review and approval. Such requests will be evaluated based on the TSU Web Guiding Principles, Project Time and available budget, if required. Note new web development projects require extensive planning so should be requested at least 60-days in advance.

Request should be made via our Support Desk only at 713-313-4357, and should include a brief summary of your need/plan for your website. Please avoid sending any file attachments via email unless directed by a member of web services. Request sent via email will not be accepted.

Web content coordinators are given access to update and modify the content specific to their Web area only. No one can access or modify content outside their designated area.


Due to the decentralized content management structure of the University's Website platform, the Office of Information Technology can not be held liable for any inaccurate or outdated information posted on University Websites. All areas are responsible for ensuring that the information displayed on their specific Websites are accurate, grammatically correct, and adhere to the TSU Web Guiding Principles.

Report Website Errors

To report outdated, misspelled, inaccurate, or grammatically incorrect information on the University Website, please contact  Daniel Anderson or James Olamigoke by email andersond@tsu.edu or olamigokja@tsu.edu for immediate assistance. The Office of Information Technology will make every effort to investigate the request and contact the area responsible. In certain instances, the Office of Information Technology will make the appropriate corrections if deemed necessary.


Web services only fulfills request relating to TSU.EDU, this does not include myTSUweb, Banner, or Blackboard, TouchNet, or Housing Web call 713.313.4357 for relating request.