KTSU-FM is a major component of outreach for Texas Southern University, providing the community-at-large with non-commercial schedules of jazz music programming and other special programming 24 hours a day.

Visit KTSU's site at: KTSU-FM.org

KTSU-FM is committed to:

  1. Maintaining the highest possible professional standards of program content and present technical quality within the broadcast industry in affirmation of its leadership role in the public radio community, measured by traditional standards of audience and budget size;
  2. Improving the quality of life for the university and the community by increasing their awareness of the beauty, richness and depth of our cultural heritage through the presentation of jazz and other music features;
  3. Providing its listeners with thoughtful, thorough and well-balanced coverage of news, current events, personalities and educational, social and cultural issues that impact their lives through university and community-based programs;
  4. Improving partnerships with community organizations to advance and enrich the cultural life of metropolitan Houston through the broadcast of community-based activities;
  5. Promoting the resources and services of the university to the community at large through educationally produced programming;
  6. Providing training for Texas State University telecommunications students; and
  7. The goal of obtaining an additional 10,000 new KTSU-FM radio station members by the year 2004.

For more information, visit us at http://www.ktsufm.org