Office of Campus Organization

studentsThe Office of Campus Organizations is the entity within Student Activities that regulates all recognized TSU student-run organizations. It ensures that organizations have access to resources such as information on fundraisers, organizational development, historical data and a campus mailbox. This area may also serve as an advocate for organizations to the university.

Starting An Organization
Four students are required to start an organization (i.e., people to serve in the capacity of president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary). Each organization must have two Advisors (one primary and one secondary). Advisors must be full-time faculty or staff. The overall purpose of Advisors is to mentor the organization as well as ensure members are in compliance with university policy. Rules regarding organizations are in the TSU Campus Organizations Handbook.

Fraternal Organizations
TSU has a number of fraternities, sororities and related organizations active on campus. Qualifications for membership, and intake in these organizations (often referred to as the "pledge process") have been established by the university in order to ensure students have a healthy experience and integrity of the process. General qualification for joining fraternity/sororities can be found on the Policies for TSU Organizations page.

For more information on TSU campus organizations, contact:

Daniel Harris, Sr.
(713) 313-1975
Program Advisor