Student Government Association

Student Government Association









The Executive Branch is made up of an elected President and Vice President, and an  appointed Executive Board, Executive Staff , Cabinet of Policy Directors and Agencies. These members are appointed by the President and approved by the Assembly.



The Legislative Branch is made up of the Assembly of elected representatives. There are  University-Wide Representatives that are elected by the entire student body and other representatives are elected to represent the students of specific colleges.



The Judicial Court, composed of 5 justices appointed by the Student Government President and approved by the Assembly would enforce the rules of the governing documents, mediate disputes between branches, and serve as the appellate court for the Election Supervisory Board

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To best of the student regent’s ability, the student regent represents the interests of the students, university, and the State of Texas. The student regents may serve on special commissions, task forces and committees during the student regent’s term and participate in required Regent activities, including orientation sessions conducted by the Office of the Governor and the Texas Higher



Miss TSU represents the University and act as hostess at University functions while also serving as members of the Executive Cabinet of SGA with whom she works with to establish and maintain a platform of programs and initiatives. Miss TSU also represents with their Court at homecoming activities. Miss TSU also maintains a court which will include all class and organizational queens.