FAQ: Applying
Residential Life & Housing

FAQ: Applying

Q:  What do I need to apply for housing?

A:  Pay $200 when applying for housing on-line ($50 non-refundable administration fee, $150 deposit), meningitis shots that are within one-year to date submitted to the TSU Health Center and a completed financial aid package.
*Note: if using financial aid and/or paying out of pocket, 70% of your housing balance MUST be paid before you move-in.*
The security deposit of $150 is fully refundable upon written cancellation of your application prior to signing the Lease. After signing the binding lease contract, the deposit and payments due are governed by that contract.

Q:  How much does housing cost?

A:  Residential Communities

Q:  When can I officially move into my residence hall/apartment?

A:  The date will be confirmed upon receipt of your EXPRESS CHECK-IN CERTIFICATE that you receive after you housing reservation has been approved.

Q:  How much are meal plans?

A:  Meal Plan Dining Options

Q:  Are meals plan required for TSU housing residents?

A:  Yes, all freshmen are required to have the 14 or 19 board plan, while upperclassmen are free to choose from the 5 plans available.