Our Position Statement

Texas Southern University’s Office of Title IX is committed towards encouraging and supporting a welcome inclusive university community where all community members enjoy a university community free from sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence. The Office of Title IX promotes and enforces university compliance that emulates the ethical principles and compliance requirements which are consistent with the mission of Texas Southern University, the University’s tradition of excellence, and all Federal Regulations, State Laws and University policies.

Mission Statement

The Office of Title IX is responsible for ensuring members in the Texas Southern University community enjoy an inclusive and welcoming university environment free from sexual discrimination, harassment and violence. We promote and enforce compliance with all applicable Federal, Texas State laws and regulations, and University policies. The Office of Title IX believes Texas Southern University embraces a culture of acceptance, care and support that is shared by all university community members and welcomes the shared responsibility and accountability for university community member’s actions.

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 proscribe that, “No person shall be excluded from participation in or discriminated against on the basis of sex in programs or activities at education institutions receiving federal financial assistance.” The U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights enforces and ensures higher educational institutions comply with Title IX. Under Title IX, sexual harassment includes acts of sexual violence and misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.

In accordance with Title IX and Texas State Law, Texas Southern University administrative policy prohibits sex discrimination and harassment. Members of the Texas Southern University community who believe they have experienced sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking may contact the Title IX Office to learn about available support resources and services they may utilize to help them.

The Office of Title IX believes it is important for members within the university community who have been impacted by incidents are made aware of their rights and options because they are in the best position to determine which support resources and services will help them feel supported and safe.

Texas Southern University Interim Title IX Coordinator is Alisha Carter Harris, alisha.harris@tsu.edu / 713.313.6859

Members of the Texas Southern University community have the right to:
  • Receive university support measures, whether they file a complaint;
  • Contact and speak to University confidential resources;
  • Contact law enforcement agencies and;
  • File complaint with the university’s Office of Title IX.

The Office of Title IX Core Values

Principle– We approach our work with morally correct behavior and attitudes which is central to how we operate;

Fair – We act with impartiality and behave without favoritism or discrimination, employing just treatment underscores the service we provide;

Collaboration – We actively engage with campus and community partners to ensure that our work is effective, productive, and trustworthy;

Support Assistance – We are here to help individuals with issues that may impact them within the education and employment environment, ensuring the university maintains compliance with Title IX regulations is central to the service we provide;

Competence – We approach our work competently to make sure we complete our job duties efficiently, fairly, and successfully;

Care – We approach our work with care which is pivotal to our work by employing courteous, approachable, respectful, empathic, and supportive techniques, all with the intent of treating students, staff, faculty, guests, and information with thoughtfulness and discretion;

Mastery – We maintain comprehensive knowledge and skill in the subject matter we oversee through ongoing professional development and training.