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Take advantage of initiatives by peer institutions offering access to virtually all their course offerings for free. Institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( among others are offering a huge catalog of courses to the world for free. These courses are available in text, video or audio format. You may choose to include portions of these free resources in your course but you MUST reference the source of the material if you so choose. Visit the links below for access to various free courses from reputable institutions:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

Free MIT Courses Online

If you are looking for a wide range of free courses offered online, MIT is your best option. More than 1,800 free courses are offered through the school's OpenCourseWare project. Courses are in text, audio and video formats and translated into a number of different languages. Students all over the world use OpenCourseWare and 96 percent of visitors to this site say they would recommend it to someone else.

Open University (

Free Open University Courses Online.

The Open University is the UK's largest academic institution. The school's OpenLearn website gives everyone free access to both undergraduate and graduate-level course materials from The Open University. Courses cover a wide range of topics, such as the arts, history, business, education, IT and computing, mathematics and statistics, science, health and technology.

Carnegie Mellon University (

Free Carnegie Mellon Courses Online.

Carnegie Mellon University offers a number of free online courses and materials through a program called Open Learning Initiative. OLI Courses are intended to allow anyone at an introductory college level to learn about a particular subject without formal instruction. Course options include such offerings as statistics, biology, chemistry,economics,french and physics.

Tufts University (

Free Tufts University Courses Online

Like MIT, Tufts has OpenCourseWare that is available free to everyone. Courses are soughted by school (i.e. school of arts and sciences, school of medicine etc) and include assignments, lecture notes and other supplementary materials.

Stanford (

Stanford Courses on iTunes U

Stanford University, one of the worlds's leading academic institution, has joined forces with iTunes U in providing access to Stanford courses, lectures and interviews. These courses can be downloaded and played on iPods, Macs and can also be burned to CDs. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it here for free.

University of Carlifonia Berkeley

Free UC Berkeley Courses Online

UC Berkeley, one of the best public universities in the nation, has been offering live and on-demand webcasts of certain courses since 2001.Hundreds of UC Berkeley courses, both current and archived, are now available as podcasts and webcasts. Courses cover a range of subjects, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer programming, engineering, psychology, legal studies and philosophy.

Utah State University

Free Utah State University Courses Online

Utah State University also provides access to free online courses. Study options include everything from Anthropology to physics and thearter arts. These comprehensive text-based courses can be downloaded as zipfiles or viewed directly on the site.

Kutztown University of Pennsaylvania

Free Kutztown University of Pennsaylvania Courses Online

Kutztown University's small Business Development Center offers the largest collection of free business courses available on the web. Course topics include accouinting, finances, gorvernment, business law, marketing and sales. Comprehensive text, interactive case studies, slides, graphics and streaming audio help to demonstarte the concepts presented in each course.

University of Southern Queensland

Free USQ Courses Online

The University of Southern Queensland in Australia provides free online access to a number of different courses through yet another OpenCourseWare initiative. Courses from each of the five faculties are available, covering a broad range of topics, including communication, science, career planning, technology, teaching and multimedia creation.

University of Califonia, Irvine

Free UC Irvine Courses Online

As a proud member of the OCW Consortium, the University of California, Irvine strives to play a significant role in the contribution to the social welfare of the state, the nation and the world by making high quality UC course materials free on a global scale to educators, students, and self-learners.