What We Do

The Office of Research is responsive to the needs of its faculty, staff, and students in all aspects of research, with highly improved and timely dissemination of information in that regard from its component units.

The Proposal Development Services unit of the Office of Research serves to assist faculty in the planning, writing, and editing of grant proposals. The Proposal Development Officer coordinates the logistics of proposal development in Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Department of Research Funding and Pre-Award Services provides exceptional customer service and guidance to faculty, staff, and administrators in obtaining and administering extramural funding through proposal review, authorization, and transmission of proposals to funding agencies.

Research Enhancement and Compliance Services department ensures research compliance with state and federal governing agency regulations and internal policies, guidelines, and procedures relative to subject and substance research, intellectual property and time and effort reporting. The department also provides an environment that supports research advancements by conducting and sponsoring necessary laboratory safety and compliance training workshops and research enhancement programs; and by administering faculty development travel awards and seed grant awards for the research community of Texas Southern University.

Research Financial and Compliance Services is a department within the Office of Research which functions as an accounting and administrative office. This department is responsible for the post-award administration of grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and all other extramural sponsored programs awarded to the University. Research compliance activities are included as an integral element related to post-award services and the unit reviews and monitors grant-related activities, thereby assuring conformity to federal and state regulations and institutional policies.

Issues relating to post-award administration of grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and all other forms of sponsored programs awarded to the University are efficiently handled by Research Financial Services.

<tdclass="tsu-maroon" colspan="4" style="background-color: #eee; text-align: center;"> Research Funding & Pre-Award Services<tdclass="tsu-maroon" colspan="4" style="background-color: #eee; text-align: center;"> Research Enhancement & Regulatory Services
Who We Are table
Contact Person Title Email Phone (ext.)
Adana Brown Project Coordinator II adana.brown@tsu.edu 7457
Linda Gardiner, PhD Director linda.gardiner@tsu.edu 7208
Rhonni E. Dixon, BS Project Coordinator I rhonni.dixon@tsu.edu 4301
Kimbler A. Lofton Office Administrator kimbler.lofton@tsu.edu 4245
LaKuita Bess Sr. Animal Care Technician lakuita.bess@tsu.edu 1226
Research, Financial & Compliance Services
Diane W. Lewis, MBA Director diane.lewis@tsu.edu 7876
Dantes Davies, MS Senior Grant Accountant dantes.davis@tsu.edu 7039
Kathleen Calhoun, MPA Grant Accountant kathleen.calhoun@tsu.edu 7875
Minnie Wolridge, BS Grant Accountant minnie.wolridge@tsu.edu 7874
Joanna Simmons Office Administrator joanna.simmons@tsu.edu 7020