Chemical & Biological Safety
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Chemical & Biological Safety Committee

This committee provides general oversight for activities involving the use of biohazardous agents and hazardous chemicals at Texas Southern University (TSU). The CBSC’s primary goal is to safeguard the protection of personnel, the general public and the environment.   In order to meet this goal, the committee provides guidelines for requirements for safe laboratory, biological and chemical safety practices; establishes, reviews and approves policies, procedures, and training pursuant to the safe use of hazardous biological and chemical substances. Additionally, the CBSC provides consulting services to TSU researchers and advisement to the Office of Research on all aspects of biological and chemical safety, including guidance and assistance concerning hazardous waste management and disposal on the campus of TSU.


Chemical & Biological Safety Committee    
  Affiliation Chair Member Alternate
Dr. John Sapp COSET X    
Dr. Jason Wei COSET   X  
Mr. Alus Dove DEHS   X  
Mr. Darrel Wilkerson COST   X  
Dr. Renard Thomas CPHS   X  
Dr. Jade Clement COSET   X  
Dr. Audrey Player COSET   X  
Ms. Mellany Patrong Risk Management   X  
Mr. Darnell Johnson, III RSO and Industrial Hygienist   X  
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