Because their operating systems do not function like computers, TOPAZ currently is compatible with desktop and laptop computers.

TOPAZ is currently supported in Internet Explorer, version 11 or later; for the Apple computers, it is supported on Safari. DISCLAIMER: Browsers and their plug-ins are constantly being updated, making this data subject to changing. If you are not sure if your browser will support TOPAZ, please call their support desk at 800-479-2498.

TOPAZ is an online tool that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The exception of unavailability is when the system is being backed up.

Because this is a new version of TOPAZ, training is required for all users, and users may sign up for the training at the Register for TOPAZ Training . For previous users, credentials will be updated once the training has been completed.

The TOPAZ training schedule will be posted to our website. Prior registration for the training is required. (Walk-ons are not allowed because accounts must be set up in order to participate in the training.) Group sessions have been coordinated with some of the colleges and schools, therefore, investigators and faculty may check with the Office of the Dean, Assistant Dean, or Department Chair for potential sessions for the college or school.

TOPAZ passwords for students expire at 90 days after they are assigned, then must be reset. You may request that your password be reset by completing the TOPAZ Password Reset Request.

Last Updated: 1/31/18