Construction of Science building

Texas Southern University Construction Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Construction Services Division is to insure the development and improvement of an adequate, functional, safe University environment that will support the consistent pursuit in accomplishing the Goals and Vision Plan of the organization. The Division will be defined by its commitment to excellence and the delivery of first quality products.

Construction Division

Bertran Harrison – Executive Director

General Service Building, Suite 221
Phone: 713-313-1810
Fax: 713-313-7944

Constructor Division 2
Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Sydney Granger Facilities Specialist (713) 313-1802
Tiffany Johnson Facilities Specialist (713) 313-4215
Damon Steward Facilities Specialist (713) 313-7375
   Construction Division:  
Constructor Division 1
Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Carolyn Freeman Contract Administrator (713) 313-1811
Loletha Turner Construction Accountant (713) 313-7374
Johnnie McDonald CAD Operator (713) 313-7254
Joe Ellis Project Manager (713) 313-1805
Kenny Gates Project Manager (713) 313-7092
Derek Lockett Project Manager (713) 313-7382
Dan Williams Project Manager (713) 313-1804

Construction Information for Vendors and Clients

All correspondence must be logged in at the front desk of the General Service Building in suite 221. Information must be dated and time stamped by the Facilities Specialist at the front desk, and forwarded to the appropriate personnel. The information listed below should be included in this requirement:

All construction projects require job specific insurance. All construction projects above $25,000 will require a bond and an AIA document for payment.

    • Only the official AIA document with the red seal will be accepted.
    • All documents turned in must be received within 5 working days with the signature of the vendor’s authorized representative(s).
    • Any pen/ink changes must be initialed by all who signed the document.
    • The vendor must provide a detailed invoice once the job is complete.
    • Mail all invoices to 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 77004; Attn: Damon Steward in GSB Suite 221.