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Tuition and Fees


Q:  How can I view my account balance?

A:  Log-on to your MyTSU web account, and click the "Student" tab. Under the Student Accounting Section, then click "Student Account Bills"


Q:  Are there any fees that I can get waived?

A:  No, students are responsible for all fees assessed upon registration.


Q:  Can I dispute charges on my account?

A:  Yes, students who believe their student account statement is incorrect, can complete the Account Adjustment Form, and submit to the Student Accounting Office.



Payments and Installment Plans


Q:  Is there a payment plan for the Summer?

A:  Yes, 25% of your tuition and fees plus a $52 installment fee are due at time of enrollment. The additional installment amounts and dates will be displayed at the time of set-up.


Q: Are housing and meal plans covered in the installment plans?

A:  No, the installment plans cover tuition and fee expenses only.





Q:  How does the refund process work?

A:  The refund process begins after the 1st class day of each semester, and refunds are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year. Once you have a credit balance on your account, your account will be reviewed for eligibility to receive a refund. Your refund has been processed once your account summary reflects a zero balance.


Q:  How do I setup direct deposit?

A:  You can follow the link below and opt to receive a Tiger card or enter your own personal checking/savings account information. Once you follow the link click on enroll today, on the next page click on enroll now and follow the prompts. Your log in information will be your T#(capital T), birth date, and TSU email address.


Q:  How long will it take to receive my refund?

A:  Refunds direct deposited into your personal bank account will post in approximately 3-5 business days from the time your student account show a zero balance.





Q:  When will I receive my 1098T form?

A:  Official 1098T forms are mailed to students mailing address no later than January 31. Students who elect to receive their official 1098T electronically, will not receive a mailed copy, but will be able to download the form from their MyTSU web account.


Q:  I did not receive my 1098T form, how do I get a copy?

A:  A copy of your 1098T form is located on your MyTSU web account under the financial aid section. Just click on 1098T and enter the tax year you are requesting. You can also visit the Student Accounting Office to request a copy.


Q:  My 1098T is incorrect.

A:  Contact the Student Accounting department for a review of your 1098T.





Q:  How much is parking?

A:  Student parking is $40/semester for all semesters. Students who pay for parking for the Spring semester and who are attending Summer classes, do not have to pay the $40 for Summer parking


Q:  Can I have parking billed to my account?

A:  No, parking permits must be paid out of pocket


Q:  Can I pay and pick up a transcript for my friend?

A:  Yes, but they must fill out a Third Party Transcript Request Form


Q:  Can I get my Tiger id card billed to my account?

A:  No, this fee must be paid out of pocket


Q:  What will happen if I graduate owing a bill?

A:  A student may be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies, but the student may not be able to receive his/her diploma or official transcripts until the balance is paid in full.


Q:  How do I change my mailing address?

A:  Log-On to your MyTSU web account, click on "Personal Information", Click "Address", Click "Update Address", Click "Current", and update the information and then click "Submit"


Q:  I am being charged international health insurance.  Can I get this charge waived?

A:  Yes, international students with valid health insurance can go to the following link https://www.collegiaterisk.com/,  enter "TSU" and follow the instructions  to apply for a waiver for international health insurance.



  Jeffrey Thomas
  Director, Student Accounting
  Jerelyn Lemmie
  Accounting Manager
  Thuy Nguyen
  Sr. System Analyst
  Kavis Bell
  Sr. Accountant, Third Party & Collections
  Mathilda Christophe
  Sr. Accountant, Refunds
  Ra'Desha Lee
  Customer Service Liaison
  Lanecia Mckenzie
  Customer Service Representative
  Lexis Leassears
  Customer Service Representative
  Lashara Robinson
  Customer Service Representative