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Setup Refund Preference

After financial aid, stipends, external payments or military benefits are applied to the student’s account, residual aid may be left on the account. This overage will be noted with a minus (-) sign prior to the generating of a refund to the student. When the refund is generated, the student will note a “refund” on the student account with an equivalent positive amount.


Signing up for TSU Tiger Card or TSU Direct Deposit

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your Student ID, Date of Birth, and your school email address when prompted. You are required to use your "" e-mail address.
  3. Select the "TSU Tiger Card" OR Select "Direct Deposit"

    TSU Tiger Card - is a fast and convenient way to receive your financial aid refund, stipends, and scholarship overages. It’s easy to sign up. Students and parents can learn more about the TSU Tiger Card features and benefits by visiting:

    Direct Deposit - Deposit residual funds directly into your personal bank account. Note: Direct Deposit into your personal banking requires the routing number and personal checking account number to complete the process.

  4. Follow the rest of the directions listed on the site.

Refund Schedule
All eligible financial aid funds will be credited to your account on Mondays and Thursdays. If an overpayment (negative balance) remains after the payment of current charges on your student account, a refund will be generated for this credit balance within 14 calendar days. Additional charges for courses, housing, parking and other items may be added after your refund has been processed and are payable to the university immediately.

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