Bookstore reserves are awarded to students to allow them to purchase books in advance of receiving an expected financial aid credit refund. The Bookstore reserve is a charge that will be placed on the student’s account to be covered by the student’s financial aid award. Bookstore reserves are typically available ten (10) days before the beginning of each semester.

In order to qualify for the bookstore reserve, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must have completed registration
  2. Must have a valid TSU Tiger card
  3. Must have at least a $700 Title IV financial aid credit balance

Eligible students will automatically have the bookstore reserve placed on their account for use at the bookstore to purchase books and supplies. Students who choose to use the book voucher will have the bookstore reserve charge placed on their account and the charged will remain on their account until the close of the book voucher period. At the close of the period, the actual bookstore charges will be placed on the account and the bookstore reserve will be reversed. Any remaining Title IV credit balance will be refunded to the student per federal guidelines.

Should a student opt-out of using the bookstore reserve, and wish to purchase books by other means; the student can complete a Bookstore Reserve Reversal Request and return to the Office of Student Accounting.

Please note that any student who chooses to participate in the Book Reserve program is responsible for all bookstore charges incurred, regardless of changes in financial aid or registration. Please see your Financial Aid counselor if you have questions regarding your financial aid award.