The Office of General Counsel is pleased to announce the implementation of the new, online Legal Management System, part of TSU’s Renew 2022 campaign.

We have been working with Precision Task Group to provide the University with a cloud-based system to perform the following:

  • Requesting/processing a Contract,
  • Requesting approval or presenting an informational item to Board of Regents,
  • Requesting/processing a Grants Contract,
  • Requesting/processing Public Records,
  • Requesting a new or revision to Manual of Administrative Policies & Procedures;
  • Requesting a formal legal opinion; or
  • Submit a service of process for a lawsuit, demand letter, or a charge/documentation from an administrative agency.

The Legal Management System will provide transparency, visiability, efficiency, accountability, collaboration, communication, compliance, and consistency, as well as grant unprecedented access to information related to your contracts, policies, board agenda items, and other legal matters.

In the immediate future, we will begin the training of all administrators, staff, and faculty who will be using the Legal Management System. Moving forward, the Legal Management System will replace our current paper-based document processes for the above items.