Incoming Freshmen/Transfer Students

The SAT and/or ACT I was planning on taking was canceled or delayed. How will this affect my application?  Open
What if I’m having difficulty obtaining the documents I need to complete an application?  Open
COVID-19 has changed my financial situation. How do I obtain a fee waiver?  Open
Are scholarships still available?  Open
What if i'm not ready to accept my scholarship offer?  Open
What if i'm not ready to accept my financial aid offer?  Open
What if I have questions concerning my financial aid offers?  Open
What if I cannot get you a final transcript because my school is closed?  Open
I had planned to visit campus. How can I learn more about campus online?  Open
How do I complete the Texas Success Initiative program (TSIP) requirements?  Open
I’m not sure when I will be able to get my meningitis vaccination. When is proof of vaccination due?  Open
If my plans to attend TSU change and I have to cancel my housing contract, will the non-refunderable application processing fee be refunded?  Open
Will the coronavirus outbreak have any effect on the admissions process for prospective or newly admitted students?  Open
How do I receive my login/ID number?  Open
I have a hold on my account. What is it? What do I do?  Open
Is TSU extending undergraduate admissions/financial aid deadlines due to COVID-19?  Open
Have the admissions standards been adjusted due to COVID-19?  Open