Office of Marketing & Communications
Office of Marketing & Communications

TSU E-News  May 21 - 27, 2018


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The mission of the Office of Communications is to effectively and consistently 1) promote the mission 2) protect and enhance the reputation and 3) advance the vision of Texas Southern University through the development and engagement of strategic marketing and communications initiatives.


The goal of the Office of Communications is to serve as a fully functional, expertly staffed communications office that maintains and promotes the TSU brand by consistently and effectively implementing communications strategies and providing creative services.

What We Do

The primary function of the Office of Communications is to provide creative services for the University in the areas of photography, graphic design, copy writing, editing and publicity. In addition, the Office of Communications educates and assists offices, departments, faculty, and students in the areas of marketing, advertising, public relations, media placement and offers faculty and staff resources for media seeking academic news. 

As an official voice of the University, the Office of Communications helps articulate the vision of the President and Board of Regents to the campus community and the public in ways that are clear, consistent and compelling, and promote the desired University image.