COSET Begins New Radio Astronomy Program

migenesRadio Astronomer, Dr. Victor Migenes, has come to TSU to help the Physics program in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology develop a Radio Astronomy program. Migenes will teach advanced electives in senior thesis research and radio astronomy through the Texas Physics Consortium, benefitting all students. In addition to bringing value to the Physics program, his presence will also impact students in Electrical Engineering who want to specialize in signal detection and transmission.

“Dr. Migenes brings to TSU his expertise and experience in radio astronomy to build a radio astronomy research group and involve students in this work,” says Dr. Carlos Handy, Physics chair. “The Physics Department will soon acquire a small radio telescope to develop the necessary knowledge and experience for students.”

Since the 1980s radio astronomy has been an important and exciting field of study because many astrophysical sources do not emit in the optical or visible frequencies (some physical processes only occur in the low-energy regime), or the region is embedded in dense gas and dust which obscures the visible light. Star formation and evolution studies are intimately related to planet formation and the eventual evolution of life in the Universe, hence, these are two of the most exciting and relevant research areas presently offering students great opportunities to get involved.  Migenes’ field of research is radio astronomy focusing on star formation and stellar evolution.