Dr. James Ward Named Provost

    wardTexas Southern University President Dr. John M. Rudley officially named veteran administrator Dr. James W. Ward as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research during the Board of Regents annual retreat on March 7, 2015. He served as interim in this role since May 12, 2014. Prior to this appointment Dr. Ward served as Dean of the School of Communication. This appointment becomes effective immediately.

    Dr. Ward has had a lifelong commitment to TSU. Hailing from Homer, Louisiana, he began his TSU career as a student in 1970 and has, through years of hard work and constant personal development, worked himself into second in command at his alma mater.

    As Dean of the School of Communication for nine (9) years, the school of had the largest percentage of students to graduate on time. The school’s graduates are working in every field imaginable - from producers of movies and shows; to publicist at major media networks, to law enforcement to judges and writers. He credits this success to a team of dedicated faculty and staff and having a student centered environment.

    Dr. Ward states, “I argued early during my administration to maintain, monitor and operate student labs and that my team would be readily and always accessible to the students. On any given day, more than 90 percent (90%) of the students can be found utilizing the labs in the MLK Center throughout the day.”

    Ward said he will continue to meet with strategic groups, delivering his drive to succeed with the ultimate vision of the president. He plans to blend TSU’s rich history with its present ensuring its vibrant future. “And TSU’s future is promising and I will be working toward that end to position TSU in a global and far-reaching arena where people will know TSU by its expert faculty, and the quality of our programs and our products, the students.”