Fashion House Has TSU Roots 

    negrisDo you remember the Negris Original t-shirt design that was the craze on campus around 1997? Travis Hamilton, now the full-fledged women’s fashion designer of Negris Leburm has stayed the race in following his dreams and is now set to launch his fourth collection called "Le Noir est Joli". The elegant and contemporary collection will be showcased in the upcoming New York's Fashion Week Fall 2015 February 12-19.

    Having graduated from Texas Southern in 1997 with a marketing degree from the Jesse H. Jones School of Business, Hamilton has used the valuable lessons taught to him not only during class time but during his professor office hours to grind out 18 years in an industry plagued with racial stereotypes. However, since the brand has grown, the costs associated with producing a successful show has grown significantly. Therefore, Hamilton has turned to Kickstarter, a fundraising website for creative projects, to raise the necessary funds from those who are passionate about fashion to help reveal this 2015 fall collection that identifies with woman of personality, attitude, and elegance.

    “Negris Lebrum is ripe for success,” Hamilton says of his opportunity to showcase his line at New York Fashion Week. “Given today’s social climate Negris is right on time in bridging the gap between black and white. Texas Southern University is where I launched Negris with my 12 t-shirt designs almost 20 years ago and thanks to all the support I’ve been given over the years I am still following my dreams.”

    To view Negris Lebrum's extraordinary designs and collections, go to their website at http://www.negrislebrum.com/

    Travis Hamilton can be reached at 713-447-8994 or at 2130A Holly Hall 169, Houston, TX