Fast track to graduation (FTG) Program
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Fast Track to Graduation (FTG) Program

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Haven’t enrolled for the spring semester?

Here’s a different option . . .

Fast Track to Graduation.


Classes start Monday, February 4.


Looking for an alternative to the traditional college schedule? Do you want to enroll at TSU but can’t get started in January?

TSU’s new “Fast Track to Graduation” program gets you closer to graduation with convenient afternoon classes that don’t start until February 4 and finish in May.

The Fast Track to Graduation (FTG) Program is designed to give students an opportunity to:

  • Complete Core Requirement Courses in the afternoon to accommodate busy work schedules, and
  • Accommodate students for registration after the original term has begun and still complete the term on time with those who started earlier.

The Fast Track courses are 13 weeks in length and can be taken in conjunction with the regular 16-week courses.

Here’s the listing of courses:



POLS 236 Texas Government 236

       ENG 131 Freshman English I 

POLS 235 American Government 235

       Art 135 Topics in Contemp Art

MUSI 239 Fine Arts & Daily Living 

       SOC 157 Introduction to Sociology

SC 135 Business & Professional Communication 

       SC 135 Business & Professional Communication

THEA 130 Introduction to Theatre

       ENG 230 World Literature I

PSY 131 General Psychology

       ENG 131 Freshman English I

HIST  232 Soc & Pol History US Since 1877  

       ENG 131 Freshman English I

HIST  231 Soc & Pol History US to 1877  

       ENG 131 Freshman English I

SC 136 Public Address  

       CS 116 Intro to Comp Science



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Important Dates for Fast Track Courses:

February 4, 20191st class Day

February 5, 2019:   Last Day for online registration

February 14: Last Day to Drop Classes or Withdraw from school without grades of W