Georgia D. Provost Says “Do the Math!”


G Provost

Georgia Doyle Provost says if 10,000 alumni and former students of Texas Southern University would donate just $10 per month for a year, they would raise over a $1,000,000. She has taken those figures a bit further, calculating what would happen if 50,000 graduates and former students did the same thing - $10 every month for a solid year. Hmmmmm. “That,” she says, “can send a lot of students to college.”  When she looked at the $6,000,000.00 figure, it was enough to convince this 1978 graduate of TSU’s School of Technology to spring into action.

One may not always believe in Georgia’s method of doing things, but you must admit, she has an unwavering love for her alma mater and a knack for getting things done. People in the community affectionately call her “Miss TSU,” and have for years. Recently, she spoke at the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and keynoted another event at Antioch Church. Her message is always the same, “TSU is in the community. I don’t care if you graduated from TSU or not. It’s our university, in our community, educating our sons and daughters, and we should all support it.” She distributed her post card-type pledge cards and everyone gladly accepted one and completed the forms to pledge their support of her new initiative.

 If there is a legend in Houston, TX it is Georgia Provost. Mrs. Provost, a proud graduate of Texas Southern University, is a community activist who has participated in the cultural, educational, humanitarian, political and religious/spiritual sectors of Houston Life for many years, and this year she is celebrating a fifty-two year love-affair with TSU.    

With her unwavering support for her beloved alma mater she truly believes that she can raise more.  “It is my deepest belief that if we reach out to our community we can help students.” She says, “When you see me coming, you already know what to do,” she laughs.

Proceeds will benefit Texas Southern University’s scholarship fund, student support services and mentoring, as well as colleges and schools. To give to this initiative, individuals, graduates, parents, students, friends from around the country, can Georgia Provost at 281-704-6655.


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