“Get on Board” Exhibit at Texas Southern


The University Museum at Texas Southern University is hosting an exhibit entitled, “Get on Board: Stories of the Los Angeles to Houston Freedom Ride.”  The exhibit, which runs now through February 19, is held in honor of the brave students who risked their lives on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement.

On August 9, 1961, a group of Los Angeles students boarded a train headed to Houston, Texas.  The group’s assignment was to aid members of the Houston Progressive Youth Association (PYA) to nonviolently desegregate Houston’s Union Station Coffee Shop.  Upon arrival in Houston, the California Freedom Riders, along with Texas Southern University students (Herbert Hamilton, Willie Handy, Holly Hogrobrooks, John Hutchings, Eddie Jones, Robert E. Jones and Marian Moody) and the PYA were arrested for unlawful assembly while trying to desegregate the Union Station Coffee Shop. The coffee should was located on the corner of Crawford and Texas Ave. 

The story of their journey, arrest, brutal treatment in jail and subsequent court trial is an important chapter in the unique civil rights history of Texas, and places it within the key events of the struggle for racial equality in the United States.

The “Get on Board: Stories of the Los Angeles to Houston Freedom Ride” celebrates the riders’ courage, optimism and the experiences suffered, the indignities of Jim Crow, and the triumph of solidarity.

For additional information about this exhibit call Chrystal Robinson-Davis at 713-313-7120 or 713-313-7145