Presidential Bus Tour Set to Resume

    rudleyTSU President Dr. John Rudley, who now holds the esteemed title of "top recruiter" for Texas Southern University is geared up and ready to roll on his 2014 – 2015 Presidential Bus Tour. Armed with admissions officers and faculty representatives, the TSU team will be discussing degree programs, assisting with college preparatory, financial assistance, scholarships, housing and career choices.

    According to Brian Armstrong, Office of Admissions, "last year’s Presidential Tour was a tremendous success. We feel that it benefitted first-generation college students the most, because it gives them an opportunity to speak directly with us and directly with our President. There’s nothing like one-on-one attention. We find this method to be a win-win for our university."

    Dr. Rudley speaks to students about the university’s unique degree programs, and college affordability during the visits.

    At times, the team includes TSU students. Depending on the audiences, students share information about their college experience. They talk about life on campus, in the classroom and exchange ideas and cultural experiences with students from different countries and backgrounds.

    Last year’s bus tour netted the university 205 first time freshmen with the largest number coming from Desoto High School, Beaumont Central High School next and DeKaney High School in Houston taking a close third. This year tour goes to more than two dozen schools in six (6) cities.