Board of Regents Ready to Hear Student Concerns

The Board of Regents of Texas Southern University is concerned about institutional issues being expressed in the last few days by some TSU students. Board Chair Glenn O. Lewis says that the Regents are ready to hear student complaints and reach consensus with the university administration. Regent Lewis says Texas Southern’s leadership will work swiftly to resolve students’ problems and put systems in place to ensure that there isn’t any reoccurrence of administrative problems.

TSU students have planned a town hall meeting this week to discuss their experiences with academic and institutional issues. Students are expected to offer their ideas about methods of improvement in critical areas.

Texas Southern administrators are respecting the students’ wishes to have a private meeting and discuss their specific problems. TSU students will share their concerns with the administration who will respond and go forward with a resolution process. The Board of Regents has asked Texas Southern’s administration to deliver a presentation to the board regarding student issues at its upcoming meeting on October 16.

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