Research Week winners announced

Research Week winners announced














(l-r, seated) Fengxiang Qiao, Qing Li, Sarmitha Majumbdar, Jasmine Drake, Daryl Wilkersonand Joy Semien.(l-r, standing, back row) Marylise Caussinus representing Yesenia Chavez, Provost Bobby Wilson and Leah Mitchell.


Research Week 2017 was held March 27-31 at various locations on campus. Faculty, staff, and students competed in both oral and poster presentations. An awards program was held March 30 in the Tiger Room of Sterling Student Life Center.

Some of the winners included Fengxiang Qiao, first-place faculty poster; Qing Li, first-place staff poster; Sarmitha Majumbdar, third-place faculty oral; Jasmine Drake, second-place faculty oral; Daryl Wilkerson, first-place staff oral; Joy Semien, second-place student oral; Yesenia Chavez, second-place faculty poster; and Leah Mitchell, first-place student oral.

Other winners included Kamal Raghaven, third-place faculty poster, Jesse Harris, first-place student poster; Angelica Jiminez, second-place student poster; Amina Nouchedeh, Minh Do and Amanda Briscoe, third-place student poster, Anganbin Matin, first-place faculty oral; and Pavani Kumar, third-place student oral.