Student Musicians Receive Financial Gift

The W. C. Handy Scholarship Fund and its trustee, Carlos R. Handy, Department of Physics professor and chair, donated $2,500 to TSU’s Music Program in support of their exceptional trumpet players.

"In times of great discord I have had the pleasure of hearing the trumpets in performances and practices. Their embracing spirit has defined for me what life is all about and why we are here," Handy said of his reason for the donation.

Continuing the legacy of W. C. Handy, a classically trained musician and composer, lyricist, ethno musicologist, and an astute businessman who showed many how to financially manage and protect their talents, the Handy Trust is committed to supporting higher education in any way it can, in a manner consistent with his recognition as the "Father of the Blues". The donation will be used exclusively in support of student musicians.