TSU Earns Top Ranking as “Degree Producer” Among African American & Hispanic Students


In two recent separately released reports, one by the Texas Higher Education Journal and one by Diverse Issues In Higher Education,Texas Southern University was recognized as a leading producer of bachelor’s and graduate degrees among African-American and Hispanic students.

The Texas Higher Education Journalreported that in Texas, TSU ranked first with 87 percent  African-American graduates followed by Prairie View with 82 percent, University of Houston-Downtown, 24 percent, Texas A&M University-Central Texas, 23 percent and Lamar University, 23 percent.

In the Diverse Issues in Higher Educationsurvey, Texas Southern ranked fourth out of 100 (4th out of 100) in African-Americans conferred doctoral and professional degrees. In 2010-2011, TSU had 125 African-American graduates which was 46 percent of the total graduating class. Howard University ranked first with 316 African-American graduates or 73 percent of its total graduates.

“Our mission at Texas Southern University is to become a premier university of urban programming,” said Dr. John Rudley, Texas Southern President. “Our rankings in these two recent studies indicate that we are on the right path of achieving this mission. With continued determination and perseverance we will improve our rankings by increasing our retention and graduation rates.”

TSU also ranked 23rd out of 94 with 46 Hispanics earning doctoral degrees which was 17 percent of the total graduating class. In bachelor degrees conferred, TSU ranked 31st in the top 100 of produced African-American bachelor’s degree – all disciplines combined. TSU had 669 African-American graduates which were 87 percent of the graduating class. University of Phoenix ranked first with 3,124 African-American graduates which was 14 percent of its total graduating class.

Dr.Rasoul Saneifard, Texas Southern Chair, Faculty Senate/Assembly, stated, “It is exciting news to know that Texas Southern has been highly ranked as a top producer of undergraduate and graduate degrees for African-American and Hispanic students. Congratulations are due to each and every faculty member for their dedication and diligence in teaching, advising, and graduating our students.”

In total, minority professional doctoral degrees conferred, TSU ranked 16th with 225 total graduates, 83 percent being minorities.