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Texas Southern University has embarked upon an ambitious journey to tell it’s story. Told by individuals who attended school and worked at the third largest Historically Black College in the country, professors, staff and students are putting the final touches on a documentary and video production called, “OUR Story”. 

The “OUR Story” project presents an opportunity for the university to be proactive in shaping its image.  The various components of the project tell “OUR Story” in an informative and objective light from the university’s perspective.  Begun as a signature project of the Earl Carl Institute (ECI), a research and writing think tank at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, the project is now an institutional one which officially launches during the 2012 Founders Day Celebrations, September 13th and 14th. This project is supported with a grant from the Office of the President, Dr. John Rudley.

The “OUR Story” project was designed to place a historically accurate face on the university by spotlighting people and events that have had profound impact on this state but have largely gone unnoticed.  These portrayals will be made through various media, including publications, oral recordings, videography, and photography.

The "OUR Story" Launch project will kick off officially during the 85th Anniversary of the University as the centerpiece of events leading up to the September 14, 2012 Founders’ Day.  Specifically, TSU’s ECI will launch the sale of the print volume of the "OUR Story" President’s Edition and screen the one-hour video oral history of the presidents at an event that would serve as the culmination of a week-long of events leading up to Founders’ Day.

The price of the book is $85 to coincide with the celebration of the university’s 85th anniversary. The price includes a Museum Exhibit, a Souvenir Poster, Reception and the attractively designed Table Top Book.