TSUNAA Awards First Graduation Success Scholarships

    Thanks to the generous financial support of the Texas Southern University National Alumni Association (TSUNAA) six seniors will now be able to graduate on time. Students were beginning to believe they would either have to prolong graduation by working to pay for their final semester or drop out of college altogether. But generous donations are beginning to come in to the university to assist students with their final semesters of college.

    Seniors Terry Small, Natalie Harris, Sharell Pruitt, Shayla Owens, Stephanie Hughes, and Briana Williams received financial support.

    According to Harris, a senior from Houston who needs only 18 hours to graduate with her degree in journalism, the scholarship has been beneficial by lifting the "balance burden" that she was experiencing allowing her to graduate this May. She can now focus her time and energy on completing the 18 hours needed for me to graduate without having to look for a part time job.

    "If I wouldn't have received this scholarship it is very likely that I would be unable to attend school this semester, which would have delayed my actual graduation date," said Pruitt.

    TSU’s Alumni Relations office and TSUNAA says this is the first round of awards and is only the beginning. They’re hoping to continue to help more students. All alumni interested in helping should contact Connie Cochran at 713-313-7606 or Cochrancc@tsu.edu.