TSU Maps Out Plan to Better Secure its Campus

TSU Maps Out a Plan to Better Secure its Campus

Texas Southern University took a major step to unify national, state and local law enforcement agencies to help secure and protect its campus.  The TSU police department hosted a round table discussion to look at procedures, personnel and protocol when dealing with crime and crime prevention in our area.

TSU President, Dr. John M. Rudley told the law officers that Texas Southern is in the business of educating students and that we need their help as experts to keep our campus safe.  “I want to send a message to the community that this is not a one day story,” President Rudley emphasized. “We will deal with this issue of protecting our students, faculty and staff 365 days a year.”

The agencies involved included the Texas Southern University Police Department, the Houston Police Department, the Metro Police Department, Harris County Constable’s Office-Precinct 7, Texas DPS Highway Patrol-Region 2, Texas DPS Texas Rangers-Region 2, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Attorney General’s Office.

Dr. Rudley and his law enforcement leaders said five initiatives and recommendations that were presented in the task force meeting will be implemented immediately.

They are:

1.    Build stronger relationships and partnerships with area federal, state, and other local law enforcement agencies
2.    Enhance visibility on campus by utilizing alternative mobility units (bicycle officers, etc.)
3.    Conduct community forums with students and hold specific training sessions with them
4.    Apply for grants to supplement the police operations
5.    Utilize technology as a force-multiplier (cell phone apps, etc.)

Texas Southern will also have a threat assessment done on the campus.  “Securing TSU’s campus is a priority for us and this discussion with the various law enforcement agencies, I believe, will assist us elevating our level of security at Texas Southern University,” said President Rudley.