TSU Economic Impact Study
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The Texas Southern University Economic Impact Study looked at the University's impact on Houston and the eight surrounding counties: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller. Those counties comprise the geographic boundaries included in the calculation of local impacts. Purchases of products or labor that fall outside the study Area are labeled imports.


Economic Impact Highlights


  • Approximately 1,327 direct jobs are generated by TSU (employed directly by the University), another 560 jobs are indirectly created, (jobs created because of the University's need to purchase goods and services from local vendors) and about 1,162 induced jobs (jobs created by spending from all direct and indirect employees) are generated by TSU. Therefore, in total TSU is directly and indirectly responsible for approximately 3,049 annual average jobs in the Houston Metropolitan Region.
  • TSU employees earn a total of $66.5 million of Household Income, while indirect workers earn $33 million, and the induced workers earn $56.7 million.  Combined, the Houston metropolitan area has an increase in income and benefits of $156.4 million from TSU.
  • In addition to the initial increase in demand directly attributable to TSU and its students, indirect output or sales created by the presence of TSU is $105.2 million and the induced output (sales) impact, which is the effect of households spending their additional income they earned from TSU and those businesses it buys from, is about $160.9 million, Thus, the total contribution of TSU to gross sales in the Houston metropolitan area is $542 million.
  • The 3,049 direct, indirect and induced growth in employment by TSU generates a total fiscal dividend of $10.9 million in local taxes and $8.6 million in state taxes.
  • Even with the significant population growth in Houston over the past 30 years, the percentage of African Americans in the Houston Metropolitan Area who have attained a bachelor's degree nearly doubled between 1980 and 2010 (from 12% to 23%).  The total number quadrupled from 32,507 in 1980 to 145,520 in 2010.
  • TSU African American graduates each year make up 16.3% of the annual gain in African Americans in the area with bachelor's degrees.
  • TSU is enrolling approximately 18% of the area African American high school graduates who attend college each year.

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