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2012 Summer Institute Student Testimonials

"[The program] helped me believe more in myself."

"I’ve gained more knowledge that will prepare me for the SAT/ACT."

"It helped me to learn how to become a better person and to want to have a better education to prepare for college."

"[The program] helped me where I needed help in math/technology."


2012 Summer Institute Parent Testimonials

"He actually wanted to attend the program on his own after the second day." 

"My daughter enjoyed it a lot and is looking forward to go to college."

"The program allowed [her] the opportunity to prepare for her college entrance exams; it also allowed her to network with like minded students throughout the Houston area."

"It is a wonderful program from the presentation from the students and the closing ceremony, students are focused and know the college they want to attend..."

"Fun while learning and preparing for the SAT."


2012 Summer Institute Teacher Testimonials

"I will incorporate more technology in every phase of my instruction."

"Introduced me to tools that I can use daily in my classroom to engage my students."

"Through the speaker testimony, I am committed to being a better teacher and better student."

"I’ll be a better teacher. My students will get more information and more understanding." 

"In addition to the new ideas I was exposed to, I saw the pros and cons of incorporating new ideas in the classroom."



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