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2013 Summer Institute Student Testimonials

"I love how [Dr. Peltier-Glaze] gave us [her] life stories and how to never give up on ourself ."

"[Ms. Rizvi] is extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for everything"

"Dr. Peltier-Glaze's manner is vibrant and infectious. I can tell that she loves students, teachers and teaching. She is invaluable to this program."

"I want to also thank [Ms. Scruggs] for giving me excellent advice for SAT."

"[Mr. Kenyon] gave me good tips in math."


2013 Summer Institute Parent Testimonials

"As a parent, I am very happy to see more time is being taken to educate inner city youth." - Keymesha Batts

"Thank you Dr. Brown-Guillory for allowing my child to experience as she would say 'two weeks of giving up sleep for a good time'. The exposure to the TSU campus has allowed her to feel closer to her goals." - Barbara Philips Williams

"I think this is a good thing to help all the kids. I am so proud of him!!" - LaDonna Lockett


2013 Summer Institute Teacher Testimonials

"[The Back to Basics Institute Program met my needs] very well. I have thought about and I was able to devise some new plans for media use in the classroom"

"[The program] placed me in a friendly learning environment of mutual respect where ideas could be shared among colleagues."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the technology training and the literature sessions. Also, the distinguished speakers were amazing."





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