Units and Centers

Barbara Jordan Institute

The Barbara Jordan Institute for Policy Research (BJI) is a non-partisan and unbias institution dedicated to research that focuses on finding solutions to the many public policy challenges facing urban communities at the local, regional, national and global scales of governance.

Mickey Leland Center

The mission of the Mickey Leland Center on Hunger, Poverty and World Peace at Texas Southern University is to serve as a state and national resource for information on the problems of global hunger and peace. Most recently this mission has been expanded from The Mickey Leland Center.

Forensic Science

The mission of the Forensic Science Learning Lab (FSLL) is to provide specialized forensic science education and training for any Texas Southern University student ....

Center For Justice Research

CJR’s mission is to reduce mass incarceration through targeted, culturally-responsive, evidence-supported solutions, and strategic engagements.

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