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Urban Planning And Environmental Policy

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The Urban Planning and Environmental Policy Program at Texas Southern University attracts well-qualified students from diverse backgrounds. The program maintains a notable level of student diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, geography and nation of origin. Our current class consists of 43% African American, 29% International, 7% multi-racial descent and 5% Hispanic….

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Urban Planning and Env. Policy Masters

The UPEP Masters Program, trains students to become policy-oriented planners and environmental policy analysts and to assume leadership positions in planning and environmental policy-related organizations. The program places special emphasis on issues significant to communities and regions of the Southwest. The goal of the MUPEP is to prepare future professionals with analytical and policy formulation skills that….

Urban Planning and Env. Policy Ph.D.

For individuals wishing to pursue careers in university teaching, research or highly specialized practice, the Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy provides advanced knowledge, skills, and extensive experience working closely with an interdisciplinary faculty in teaching and research. The program emphasizes preparation in research methods, spatial and regional analysis, development theory….


Urban Planning & Environmental Policy