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Welcome to the Department of English & Foreign Languages (DOEFL) at Texas Southern University

We are excited that you are considering this department to continue your academic journey.

The DOEFL is a vibrant center for teaching, learning, and research. For the BA in English, we offer courses in literature, communication, writing, and creative and professional writing. For the minor in Foreign Languages, we offer courses in literature, culture, and linguistics, and language for professional purposes.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor of Arts in English w/Professional Writing Concentration, a Bachelor of Arts in English w/Teaching Concentration, and a Master of Arts in English. We also offer four minor programs: the English minor, the Creative Writing minor, the French minor, and the Spanish minor.

Our department hosts the Tiger Owl, the department’s Writing Center, The Maroon, the department’s literary journal, LIT Reads (the English Club), the Billy Joe Turner Symposium, and so much more! We are proud to host events that provide students the opportunity to engage in creative writing events, such as Poetry Day; LIT Reads book discussions and presentations at conferences held at the university and nation-wide.

Faculty advisors are waiting to hear from you! The undergraduate advisor is Mr. Daveon Gee (Daveon.Gee@tsu.edu), and the graduate advisor is Dr. Michon Benson (Michon.Benson@tsu.edu).

Wishing you the very best!

I. M .Lancaster
Interim Chair, Department of English and Foreign Languages

Write on!