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Michon BensonMichon Benson-Marsh is an Assistant Professor. She is a graduate of Jack Yates High School and long-time resident of Houston’s Third Ward community. Dr. Benson has been a secondary school teacher and an instructional leader for over 25 years. In 1990, Dr. Benson received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Studio Art, a Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition from Texas Southern University in 1996, and her PhD in African American Literature in 2007. As a Visiting Professor of English, Dr. Benson has earned excellent performance evaluations for her work in Freshman Composition and African American Literature courses. Additionally, Dr. Benson actively engages community service. On campus, she sponsors student-led organizations and mentors members of the Student Senate. Off-campus, she is a guest host on KCOH Radio show “Interchange” with Larry Payne. She serves on the advisory council of the Community Artists’ Collective. Dr. Benson’s most recent scholarship includes an essay in the Journal of the College Language Association, entitled “SOS – Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Movement Reader” (2016), and she collaborates with a team of TSU Science professors as co-Project Investigator on an 2017-2020 HBCU-UP grant through the National Science Foundation. bensonma@tsu.edu | 713-313-7613
  Alexis Brooks de VitaAlexis Brooks de Vita is Professor of English with a Ph.D. and Master of Arts in Comparative Literature (University of Colorado at Boulder). Her areas of specialization include Women’s Literature, Literary Criticism, Film Studies, and African and African Diaspora Literatures (in English, French, Italian, and Spanish). Professor Brooks de Vita’s published works include analyses, translations, and novels. Two of her recent novels include Left Hand of the Moon and The Third Book of Joy: Burning Streams. Her essays are included in journals such as The Griot, English Language Notes, and Journal of the Fantastic in Arts. Professor Brooks de Vita’s professional affiliations include the College Language Association, National Association of African American Studies, International Association for the Fantastic in Arts, and National Research Council of Ford Fellows, among other. Brooksdevitaa@tsu.edu | 713-313-6702
  Charlene Taylor EvansCharlene Taylor Evans, Ph.D. Professor. As one of the senior members of the Department of English, I have thirty-five (35) years of experience at Texas Southern University , with seventeen (17) years in the classroom, and six (6) years as department head of English and foreign languages. I attained the rank of tenured professor and currently serve as director of the graduate program in English. I recently returned to the department after an eleven (11) year stint in central administration at the University. My administrative positions include executive assistant to the President, executive vice president, senior vice president of university relations, chief of staff, and ombudsperson; I managed various institutional units including athletics, information technology, marketing and communications, development, external affairs, governmental relations, human resources, public safety, and alumni affairs. evans_ct@tsu.edu | 713-313-7094
  Arbolina JenningsArbolina Jennings is Assistant Professor of English and Associate Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). She also serves as Co-Chair of the TSU Subcommittee on General Education. Professor Jennings is also involved with several committees of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). She teaches a variety of courses including Latin American Literature, World Literature, Mythology, and History and Theory of the English Language. Her scholarly work and publications are centered on Latin American fiction and fiction-film interrelationships. Professor Jennings is ABD for the Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at New York University, and she holds a M.A. in English (New York University), a M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from New York University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English, French, and Spanish (Notre Dame College). Jennings_al@tsu.edu | 713-313-7661
Philip R. JonesPhilip R. Jones Assistant Professor of English and Graduate Faculty, holds a PhD in Education – Adult, Professional, and Community Education with a concentration in English – Rhetoric and Composition from Texas State University. Dr. Jones holds a MA in English with a concentration in 19th Century British Literature from University of Houston-Clear Lake, a second MA in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition from Indiana University-East, and a BM in Vocal Music from The University of Houston. His research specialization focuses on Rhetoric and Composition, specifically on nontraditional African American students’ writing experiences in the freshman English composition classroom. Dr. Jones teaches courses in English Composition, World Literature, and advanced undergraduate and graduate level English courses. Current publications include articles highlighting violence against African American men, early African American authors’ use of John Milton’s rhetorical style, African Americans use of satire during the Harlem Renaissance, 19th Century British Romantic culture, and nontraditional student writing experiences in the English composition classroom. Professional affiliations include Rhetoric Society of America, National Council of Teachers of English, College Language Association, Modern Language Association, Southern Conference on African American Studies Inc., and the National Council for Black Studies. jonespr@tsu.edu | 713-313-6793
  Iris LancasterIris Lancaster is Assistant Professor of English. She holds a Ph.D. in Critical Literacy (Texas A & M) and a Master of Arts in English (Texas Southern University). Professor Lancaster teaches Composition and Rhetoric courses as well as American Literature. Her specialization area is American Literature, 1899-1946. Professor Lancaster’s publications include work in the collection, The Street: A Critical Response to Ann Petry and an article on composition, literature, and classical rhetoric in the Louisiana English Journal. Her memberships and affiliations include the Modern Language Association, National Council of Black Studies, and College Language Association. Lancasterim@tsu.edu | 713-313-7653
  Ronald C. SamplesRonald C. Samples is Associate Professor of English. He holds the Ph.D. in English (Rice University) and the Master of Arts in English (Texas Southern University). Professor Samples’ areas of specialization include the American Novel, American Literature to 1910, and the work of Henry James. He is a charter member of The Henry James Society and holds membership in many professional organizations to include the College Language Association, Southern Conference of African American Studies, Conference of College Teachers of English, among others. Professor Samples’ published work includes a text, By Precept and Example: An Illustrated Guide to Analysis and Composition. Samples_rc@tsu.edu | 713-313-7218
  Michael SollarsMichael Sollars serves as Chair and is Professor of English. He holds the Ph.D. in English from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. His specialization areas include modernism, literary theory, existentialism, aesthetics, and theater as literature. Professor Sollars is the editor of the two-volume, The Companion to the World Novel, 1900 to the Present and the five-volume, The Encyclopedia of Literary Characters. Prior to his academic career, Professor Sollars was a professional editor, writer and publisher of medical journals.
Sollars_md@tsu.edu | 713-313-7957
  Michael ZeitlerMichael Zeitler is Professor of English and holds the Ph.D. and Master of Arts in English (Johns Hopkins University). His area of specialization is British Literature. Professor Zeitler’s book publications include Representations of Culture: Thomas Hardy’s Wessex and Victorian Anthropology and an edited collection of essays on President Barack Obama. He has published essays in the following journals, among others—The Journal of Theory and Practice, Litera: A Journal of Western Literature, EAPSU Online: A Journal of Creative and Critical Work, and The Hardy Review. Professor Zeitler holds memberships in the Modern Language Association, Victorian Interdisciplinary Society of the Western United States, College English Association, College Language Association, John Steinbeck Society, and Conference of College Teachers of English, among others. Zeitlerma@tsu.edu | 713-313-7413