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A message from Marylise Caussinus

Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Welcome to the Texas Southern University Foreign Language Program!

We are proud to offer a major and double major program in Spanish, along with minor programs in Spanish and French, as well as conversational classes in Chinese.

What makes us unique is that our classes are taught almost exclusively by native speakers of those languages. We also have exciting study abroad opportunities in Spain, France, and China.

As reported in the article “Houston Consistently Ranked as One of America’s Most Diverse Cities”, published in the June 14, 2016 edition of the Houston Chronicle, “the third-largest city in the country also has one of the most diverse populations in terms of language, race, culture, and socioeconomic status. One of the most interesting parts of living in a city as diverse as Houston is the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of languages. In Houston, at least 145 different languages are spoken, and more than one-third of Houston residents over the age of five speak a language other than English at home. According to census data, 28% of the population of Houston is foreign born, and, unlike many other areas, this city encourages immigrants to maintain a sense of their original culture.”

In addition to living in such a cosmopolitan environment as Houston, TSU students are part of the newest generation of a global community, in which international and intercultural interactions are constantly growing. Our department will not only guarantee our students’ success in this multilingual environment, it will also enhance their value on the job market. Indeed, a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and/ or a minor in French will allow our students to be competitive in varied fields such as international business, government and public affairs, education, media, tourism, travel, the Arts, medicine, social work, journalism, advertisement, and translation, just to name a few.

Please browse the information found on these web pages and explore the many offerings and activities available in the TSU Department of Foreign Languages.

Are you ready to find your own “je ne sais quoi”, that special indefinable talent which will set you apart from others who only speak one language?

Our faculty members are certainly ready to guide you on the road to excellence in international achievement.

Gracias! Merci!

Marylise Caussinus, Ph. D.

Foreign Language Program