Spanish Minor

The Department of Foreign Languages offers courses leading towards a Minor in Spanish.

The Spanish minor requires a minimum of 18 hours, including a minimum of 9 hours at the 300- and/or -400 level (see Course Details below). CLEP is available for Spanish minors to test out of SPAN 131, 132, 231, and 232. Credit by Examination to test out of advanced Spanish courses is also available

Degree Plan

For Advising questions, please contact Ms. Jacklyn Vela, 713-313-4272,


Course Inventory

SPAN 131 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 132 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 231 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 232 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 305 Study of Hispanic Film
SPAN 331 Review of Grammar and Composition
SPAN 332 Conversation and Diction
SPAN 333 Introduction to Spanish Literature I
SPAN 334 Introduction to Spanish Literature II
SPAN 335 Introduction to Latin American Literature I
SPAN 336 Introduction to Latin American Literature II
SPAN 438 Masterpieces of World Theatre
SPAN 439 Culture and Civilization of Latin America
SPAN 441 Hispanic Culture and Civilization
SPAN 444 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature
SPAN 445 Directed Study
LANG 338-01 Special topics in Foreign Language/ Social Culture of Spain (Study Abroad only)

Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer Study in Spain sponsored by our Department and the TSU Study Abroad Committee, enrollment starts on November 15th each year for the program in the next summer. Also, there are other resources for study abroad below. Information is available on the 3rd floor of the MLK building

For Study Abroad in Spain information, please contact Dr. Haiqing Sun, 713-313-7022,


For more general information about the Spanish Minor, contact Dr. Marylise Caussinus, Foreign Language Program Coordinator, 713-313-7650, 

For advising questions and CLEP & CBE information, please contact Dr. Carmen Garcia, Associate Professor of Spanish, (713)-313-7064, 

For advising questions and Study Abroad in Spain information, please contact Dr. Haiqing Sun, (713)-313-7022,