Faculty Profiles

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Brown, Kimberly Brown, Kimberly
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Howard University
M.A., Florida A&M
B.A., Florida A&M
kimberly.brown@tsu.edu | 713-313-4867 | Public Affairs #305M
Chaudhuri, Nupur Chaudhuri, Nupur
Ph.D., M.A., Kansas State University
M.A.T., Smith College
B.A., University of Calcutta
Chaudhuri_nx@tsu.edu | 713-313-7814 | Public Affairs #305G
Esparza Jesus Jesse Esparza, Jesus Jesse
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Houston
M.Ed., Southwest Texas State University
B.A., Southwest Texas State University
esparzajj@tsu.edu | 713-313-4841 | Public Affairs #305N
Hart Roger Hart, Roger
Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.A. University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. Stanford University
B. S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
hartrp@tsu.edu | 713-313-7735 | Public Affairs #305L
Hawkins Gregg Hawkins, Gregg
Visiting Instructor
M.A. Southern University
B.A. Southern University
Hawkinsg@tsu.edu | 713-313-4825 | Public Affairs #320C
Kossie-Chernyshev Karen L Kossie-Chernyshev, Karen L.
Ph.D.,M.A., Rice University
M.A., Michigan State University
B.A., Rice University
Kossie_kl@tsu.edu | 713-313-7890 | Public Affairs #305B
Maddox Gregory H Maddox, Gregory H.
Ph.D., Northwestern University
B.A., University of Virginia
Maddox_gh@tsu.edu | 713-313-7889 | Hannah HallPublic Affairs #201
Meeks, Tamiko Meeks, Tomiko
Visiting Instructor
M.A., University of Houston
B.A., University of Houston
tomiko.meeks@tsu.edu | 713-313-7323 | Public Affairs #305N
Erica Metcalf Erica Metcalfe
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Howard University
M.A., B.A. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Erica.metcalfe@tsu.edu | 713-313-4861 | Public Affairs #305A
Pitre, Merline Pitre, Merline
Ph.D.,M.A., Temple University
M.A., Atlanta University
B.A. Southern University
Pitre_mx@tsu.edu | 713-313-7795 | Public Affairs #305E
Julie Vipond Quesada Julie Vipond Quesada
Visiting Instructor
M.A. History, Texas Southern University
B.A. History, University of Houston-Downtown
julie.vipond@tsu.edu | 713-313-4861 |Public Affairs #305A
Wintz, Cary D. Wintz, Cary D.
Distinguished Professor, Interim Department Chair
Ph.D., Kansas State University
M.A., Kansas State University
B.A., Rice University
Wintz_cd@tsu.edu | 713-313-7324 | Public Affairs #305D

Geography Faculty

Parekh, Trushna Parekh, Trushna
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
M.A. Louisiana State University
B.A. University of California, Berkeley
parekht@tsu.edu | 713-313-4843 | Public Affairs #305A