What I Aspire To Do And Be!

Mr. Edrick Jackson is a HSCS: Child & Family Development graduating senior. He is in his first year at St. Marks CDC School. He is a Pre-K3 teacher. He states he has a passion for teaching young children. He strives to provide and nurture the best educational experience for his students. After graduation he will be enrolling in an alternative certification program. His aspiration is to continue to nurture elementary school students in a great school district.
Ms. Joseph is a HSCS: Child & Family Development graduating senior major. Ms. Joseph states she inherited wisdom, safety, security, and most importantly, relationships that will last a lifetime. She aspires to win a Black Girls Rock Award; an entrepreneur and a Master Teacher; to be the change agent in Early Childhood; and last but not least, let humility be her teacher and faith her guide. She aspires to become the best this field has ever produced.
Ms. Marrero is a HSCS: Child & Family Development graduating senior major. Ms. Marrero aspires to become a great role model and teacher that can help to build the new generation for greater futures. She aspires to build her own children’s facility centered on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence to support those young children living on the spectrum. After graduation she will continue to teach, mentor and volunteer at B. W. Cooper Vinney Reynolds Daycare, located in New Orleans. Ultimately, she aspires to have her own after school and summer programs that create positive, fun, and educational experiences that will craft memorable experiences for all.
Ms. Ponder says she has always had a passion for being a child advocate. She is employed at Kidventure as an after school counselor, lead, and summer director. This is a very prestigious company. She has been offered a full time position after graduation. Her goal is to make her reality better than her dreams. She aspires to be an early childhood education advocate who ensures that present and future generations have every opportunity to be educated, nourished, and nurtured no matter the circumstance.
Ms. Singleton is a HSCS: Child & Family Development graduating senior who aspires to be an encouragement to others. She wants to focus on child psychology and mental health services. She does not want to be employed by a school district. However, she does aspire to work with children under the age of fourteen. Her ultimate aspiration is to work with evaluating children for learning disabilities, behavioral counseling and other mental health issues. She aspires to be a great service to others, a great wife, and then great mother. She says the professors in the Lane Building have prepared her for all three life changing cycles.
Mr. Thomas is a graduating senior. He has always had the heart to help people, but didn’t know which yellow brick road to follow. He began his academic career in Psychology, then Social Work and finally Human Services & Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child & Family Development. Mr. Thomas states that he aspires to empower, encourage, and be supportive to future generations. He understand that youth of the future could use his valuable knowledge he has acquired in this FAMILY ORIENTED department. He shared one of his mentor’s thoughts, Steve Perry, who once said “You will only go where you are destined to be”.
Ms. Woods is a graduating senior in HSCS: Child & Family Development. A few months ago she aspired to be a teacher for children between the grades 4th and 6th. Recent experiences have prompted her to do something different. Ms. Woods now aspires to be a counselor to parents that are incarcerated or have been incarcerated. She feels that she just may be able to offer these individuals a great deal of hope and help them to become better parents who understand the process of conscious parenting young children.
Jamaal Armstrong is graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Consumer Sciences with a Concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences. He says of himself, if "silence is golden", then his value is priceless, as he is one of few words. When necessary, he will have intelligent dialogue, sometimes offering appreciated suggestions based on his life experiences or education, while at others, invoking the subtle humor that he possesses. A Texas transplant by way of Arizona, Jamaal has made significant strides in his personal, professional and educational areas of his life. He can honestly say that he is well-loved by his two families: those in Arizona, as well as those in Houston. Most recently, he increased his familial circle by becoming a member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, where you can find him on Sundays at the 11:00service. Jay exhibits the total person in which one could be proud: a loyal friend; a professional and hard-working employee; and a loving young man to his family. His future goal is to establish a position in the area of Program Planning to implement new programs within nonprofit organizations. He says that his time at Texas Southern University has truly equipped him with the skills sets he needs to be able to achieve these goals.
Shameeka Mobley is graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Consumer Sciences with a Concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences. She describes herself as an Idea woman, Optimistic, Freedom Thinker, Knowledgeable, Lover of Fashion and Her Life. Shameeka Mobley was not always like this! Her talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more while enrolled at Texas Southern University. In her early years at TSU, Ms. Mobley could not direct the wind, but she COULD adjust the sails along her journey. She learned “you never graduate alone“. With the help of her peers she grew more self-aware and independent. TSU introduced her to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person she is today. As a Family and Consumer Science major, she hopes to continue uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on remediation of problems and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations by traveling the world and volunteering at non-profits organizations. Her advice to future leaders, “Everyone has their own walks of life, happiness is key, know your worth, build today to gain tomorrow”.
Rachel La’Vette Semien is graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Consumer Sciences with a Concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences. Upon graduation Ms. Semien will begin working full-time in the Fort Bend ISD and plans to begin working toward her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. Ms. Semien aspires to be a full-time Marriage and Family Counselor, helping family resolve issues one problem at a time!!
Last Updated: 11/3/16