nats-vocal-competition.jpg On Saturday, April 7, 2018, seven TSU voice majors competed in the Greater Houston NATS Classical Vocal Competition at the University of Houston Moores School of Music. These students were: Skylar Gordon, Andrew Harrison, Ashton Jones, Breanna Lindsey, Kayse Musse, Elliot Sam, and Enrique Solis, all accompanied by Dr. Lucian Zidaru. This was the very first collegiate competition for most singers and all scores averaged in the mid-80s to mid-90s, with a few being one point shy of competing in the final round. Congratulations to winners, Breanna Lindsey, 2nd place (studio of Dr. Gwendolyn Alfred), Kayse Musse, 3rd place (studio of Dr. Jason Oby) and Skylar Gordon, semi-finalist (studio of Dr. Gwendolyn Alfred). We are TSU proud of all of these talented music students!

resist-persist.png On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, three panels made up of university-wide TSU undergraduate and graduate students will present their original research studying African and African American Literatures at the Annual Gender Conference of the University of Houston Downtown, from 1:30-5:00pm. Each year for the past twelve years, one or two panels of TSU students have presented and/or submitted for awards and publication their research about African and Diaspora Literatures, at conferences held regionally or throughout the nation. This year, professionally dressed TSU students are representing their university on three full panels at UHD's increasingly popular venue--this year's "Resist and Persist!" Gender Conference.

choir.jpg TSU’s Music Department faculty member, Dr. Anne Lundy, was honored on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 by Metro. Lundy was one of two honorees who participated in Metro’s Women’s History Month celebration entitled Honoring Cultural and Historical Trailblazers. She related her accomplishments in the classical orchestral world by displaying a vintage photo from Houston’s “Ladies Orchestra.” The photo displayed a chamber orchestra composed of Black Women dated from approximately 1915. Lundy described how inspired she was after seeing the photo and learning about the girl, Jessie Covington Dent, and her many musical accomplishments as a spark for beginning Houston’s “Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra.” Lundy began the “Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra” in 1983 and is unique in the world of orchestras as being one of a handful of community orchestras composed of African American instrumentalists. Many of the orchestra members are TSU students and/or alumni.

choir.jpg Jamal Cyrus, a Visiting Professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, was the winner of the BMW Art Journey prize. An international jury selected Cyrus unanimously from a shortlist of three artists whose works were exhibited in the Positions sector at last year's Art Basel show in Miami Beach.

The three short-listed artists were invited to submit a proposal for a journey that would allow them to do research to deepen their artistic practice. Cyrus' proposal focused on the concept of the "Afro-Atlantic" which in his own words is "an intercontinental and multinational geography describing the circulation of ideas between Africa, Europe, and the Americas." Inspired in part by Paul Gilroy's writings from the early 1990s, Cyrus aims to examine the many diverse cultural hybrids that have emerged through protracted interaction between the continents. Such cultural hybrids - molded by forces of conquest, colonization, slavery, industry, migration, and philosophy - can be apprehended in the cultural centers Cyrus plans to visit. These include among others the Elmina Castle in Accra, Ghana; the Theatre Champs-Elysees in Paris, France; Brixton's Electric Avenue in London, England; the Alhambra in Granada, Spain; and Congo Square in New Orleans, United States.

At each location, Cyrus will record interviews with artists, musicians, historians, and philosophers who engage with the creative traditions of the Afro-Atlantic.

"The journey promises to be a transformational process involving travel, dialogue, collective imagination, and intuitive response that will allow new ideas to surface in my work," said Cyrus.

choir.jpg Students from the Texas Southern University Choir, under the direction of Dr. Tony McNeill participated in a celebration of the Chinese New Year at The University of Houston this past Saturday March, 3rd. The celebration was sponsored by the United Association of Chinese Alumni in Houston and featured performances by TSU as well as several other University and community groups. The students sang “Jasmine Flower” aka “Mo Li Hua,” a well-known folk Chinese song, in Chinese! They were accompanied by a volunteer musician on the Erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument.
Dr. Boutte-Queen

dr-needha-boutte-queen.png On February 26, 2018, Dr. Boutte-Queen, Chair of the TSU Social Work Department, was presented with two awards on behalf of the US Army: ThePatriotic Employer Award, and the Above and Beyond Award. Mr. Phillip Lewis, current adjunct professor in the TSU social work department and active service member (1st Lieutenant) in the US Army, nominated Dr. Boutté-Queen for the Patriotic Employer Award. The presentation of these awards to Dr. Boutté-Queen was conducted by Ms. Wyvette McLendon, Texas ESGR Area 2 Chair, and was attended by senior social work students, the TSU Department of Social Work faculty and staff, Dean Pitre (Interim Dean of COLABS), Dr. Perkyns (Interim Associate Dean of COLABS), and Dr. Saneifard (Interim Associate Provost/Associate Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs).
Dr. Boutte-Queen was presented with various items to accompany the award, including a US flag, a commemorative pin and coin, and award certificates. In addition, she was given certificate to display in the COLABS, showing that this is a college that demonstrates full respect and support for employees who are active and non-active military service members. Dr. Boutté-Queen, we salute YOU for making COLABS TSU proud.
Dr. Grube

seminar-yoga.jpg As part of their weekly Music Seminar course, students in the Department of Music participated in "Movement for Musicians." This class emphasizes the importance of physical warm ups, stretching, and staying fit in order to help avoid the injuries that musicians typically incur and to improve their endurance, stamina and performance.
Dr. Grube, one of the instructors for the course, started with a brief lecture about how the body is connected and how tensions in our hips and back can carry through into our upper body, chest, arms and throughout our entire bodies. He then continued with breathing exercises to stimulate the flow of flow through student’s blood streams. He then continued with whole body movements to loosen up their muscles. The class ended with a few minutes of silence so that all those who participated could lay down, clear their heads, and take a moment of peace and quiet to recharge before they continued on to their busy lives. The session closed by asking the students to reflect on things that came up for them, physically and emotionally, and as they finished they were encouraged to find designate a few minutes each day for their own self-care. The session was just as healing for the student’s minds and hearts as it was for their bodies!

Dr. Grube plans to continue the sessions on a regular basis and open it for all students to participate. Namaste!
Dr. Iris Lancaster

lancaster-iris-medium.jpg At its January 25, 2018 quarterly meeting, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board appointed Dr. Iris Lancaster of Texas Southern University a member of the English Language and Literature Field of Study (FOS) Advisory Committee. The committee will be composed of 24 voting members (12 from public community colleges and 12 from public universities) from a representative sample of institutions of varying sizes, peer groups, and regions of the state. The English Language and Literature FOS Advisory Committee is charged with identifying the block of courses that students may transfer to a general academic teaching institution, they contribute thoughts toward 60x30TX goals of increasing completion by easing student transfer across institutions, and reducing student debt by making it less likely that students will take unnecessary courses.
LaDiamond Blueford

jordan-women.png completed her BA in Radio Television and Film with a minor in Theater in August of 2017. She is a native of Los Angeles, California. She is now featured in a Nike campaign as one of the Jordan Women. We are excited that our graduates are making their way!
The TSU Jazz Ensemble

2018 Jazz Education Network National Conference was invited to perform at the 2018 Jazz Education Network National Conference in Dallas, Texas. The students performed on the Main Inspirations Stage with renown saxophonist and TSU Alum Kirk Whalum. The Jazz Ensemble was supported by the African American Jazz Caucus who paired the students with professional mentors. The students were able to network and speak with professionals in their industry and helped build the foundations to their professional careers.
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