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Message from the Chair

TSU Theater faculty bring their training and professional experiences in performance, play writing, and technical theater to the classroom. Visual arts faculty offer their training and expertise in Art History, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Graphic Design, and Computer arts to art majors. Faculty in both areas strive to provide students of all backgrounds the understanding and appreciation of the cultural, historical, and educational values of the arts. Faculty also share with matriculating students professional connections with Houston, regional, and national arts communities, thus enabling students invaluable experiences that connect them with emerging career paths. The Visual & Performing Arts Department is a place where aspiring creative students gain cultural awareness that translates directly into opportunities with the local community and larger global society.

VPA students are trained to become practicing arts professionals and educators. Majors quickly realize that to achieve success in their fields many more hours than allotted classroom meeting times are necessary. Facilities such as the Ollington Smith Playhouse, Sawyer Auditorium, University Museum, John T. Biggers Art Center, and the newly renovated DeLuxe Theater afford students unique environments in which to hone their skills in preparation for entry into the professional arena. Graduating Senior Art Exhibitions and Theatrical performances are highly anticipated events by the university and local communities.

Houston as a metropolis offers world class experiences in all the arts including theater and the visual arts. Many Texas Southern alumni have gone on to success and acclaim as educators, performers, exhibitors, museum professionals, graphic artists, to name a few, in both the theater and visual arts arenas.

We are always willing to talk about what a TSU Visual & Performing Arts program can offer you, and we look forward to your visiting the department.

Associate Professor Leamon Green
Interim Chair of Visual & Performing Arts Department