Assessment, Evaluation, Improvement Committee (AEIC)

AEIC – Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement Committee

Charge: The Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement Committee (AEIC) charge is to facilitate assessment, evaluation, and assist in improvement of COPHS curriculum and instruction of all academic programs; incorporate AEIC principles into all program activities; coordinate delivery of timely communication and reporting; and promote stakeholder adoption and participation.

Chair: Dr. Amruthesh Shivachar, (T; PEHS), Associate Professor

Ex-Officio: Dr. Richard Plott, Director of Assessment, Planning and Effectiveness


Dr. MacJohn Akpaffiong, (T; PEHS), Professor

Mr. Reginald Allen, (PPCHS), Instructor

Dr. Uche Anadu Ndefo, (T; PPCHS), Associate Professor

Dr. Edward Bell, (T; PEHS), Associate Professor

Dr. Willie Capers, (PAAHS), Vice Chair of Clinical and Administrative Services, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ivy Chui-Poon, (T; PPCHS), Professor

Dr. Flora Estes, (T; PPCHS), Assistant Dean for Practice Programs, Associate Professor

Dr. Sonnice Estill, (TR; PAAHS), Assistant Professor

Dr. Song Gao, (TR; PEHS), Assistant Professor

Dr. China Jenkins, Executive Director, TEAM Center

Dr. Sondip Mathur, (T; PPCHS), Department Chair, Associate Professor

Dr. Aisha Morris Moultry, (T; PAAHS), Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor

Data Analyst: Ms. Shu Wang,

Students: (P2) John Brossard; (P3) Minh Thi Nguyen; (P4) Michelle Dano; (MHCA) Jeressa Mathis; (HA) Chinh Sam; and (EH) Ali Aleisawi