Assessment, Evaluation, Improvement Committee (AEIC)


AEIC – Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement Committee
The AEIC charge is to facilitate assessment, evaluation, and improvement of COPHS academic programs; incorporate AEI principles into all program activities; coordinate delivery of timely communication and reporting; and promote stakeholder adoption and participation.

Mr. Reginald Allen, Instructor, Respiratory Therapy
Dr. Flora Estes, Assistant Dean for Practice Programs, Assistant Professor, Ex-Officio
Dr. Michael Harris, TMC Program Director/Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Roddrick D. Jones, Director of Assessment, Planning and Effectiveness, Chair
Dr. Sondip Mathur, Associate Professor
Dr. Aisha Morris Moultry, Interim Assistant Dean for Student Services; and Associate Professor, Ex-Officio
Dr. Kimberly Pounds, Coordinator of Assessment and Outreach
Dr. Huan Xie, Assistant Professor
Dr. Inyang N. Osemene, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor
Dr. Omonike Olaleye, Assistant Dean for Student Services, Associate Professor