Master of Science Health Care Administration
College of Pharmacy and Health Science

Professional Program

in Master of Science Health Care Administration 

Program Mission
The mission of the Master of Science in Health Care Administration (M.H.C.A.) program is to prepare individuals for leadership positions in contemporary health care organizations and systems. Graduates will obtain employment in a wide variety of facilities and settings including, but not limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, consulting firms, physician practices, health maintenance organizations, and health departments. These individuals will be highly valued due to their knowledge to the evolving health care environment, as well as their ability to apply this knowledge to solve complex problems, meet organizational goals, and improve the health status of individuals and populations within their specific domain or industry segment. The faculty is committed to promoting the professional and personal growth of these individuals through the development of teaching, research, and service activities in universities, health care organizations and associations, and community settings.

Admission Requirement

Graduate School Health Care Administration Program
General Graduate School Application and Fee Master of Science in Health Care Administration Admission Application
Official Transcript for each institution attended (Transcript evaluation is required for foreign transcripts) One essay is required 
GRE or GMAT scores or your scheduled test date A current resume
TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language is required for all applicants whose native language is not English. Three (3) completed recommendation forms and letters. All letters of recommendation should be sealed in separate envelopes and on official letterhead from the person recommending the applicant.


MHCA Curriculum  (Admission prior to Fall 2014)

MHCA New Curriculum

MHCA Catalog (PDF)
MHCA Application