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Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE)

Pharmacy Practice Experiences Taking blood Samples Pharmacy Practice Experiences Taking blood Samples Pharmacy Practice Experiences Pharmacy Practice Experiences checking suger levels

In accordance to the American College of Pharmacy Education (ACPE) guidelines which indicate that the college must provide a continuum of pharmacy practice experiences throughout the curriculum, the COPHS Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) program has been implemented to prepare and train students to render optimum patient care in community and health-system settings. 

Consistent with the college’s mission, this program improves the student’s competency in health care delivery and allows for students to provide patient-centered care early on, supplementing their didactic learning. Students who master the competencies of the IPPE program will also exhibit strong ethics of professionalism, confidence and leadership. 

IPPE seeks to engage students in pharmacy practice activities during students’ first through third professional years of pharmacy school by combining classroom training with practical experiences. 

In the first year, students participate in service learning experiences to involve them in the community and improve their understanding of public health and health disparities. In addition, students participate in professional observation and activities which facilitate their understanding of pharmacy practice.

Second year students, who are recognized by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy as pharmacy interns, practice in the community/ambulatory setting and acquire 120 hours. These students carry out duties including, but not limited to patient interviews, medication reconciliation, prescription entry and verification, dispensing, patient counseling, and immunization delivery. 

Third year students are required to complete a total of 120 hours in the health-system setting. These experiences will help facilitate their transfer into Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) their fourth year as well as build the knowledge and confidence required to deliver direct patient care.     Tasks associated with these experiences include but are not limited to chart reviews, medication reconciliation, drug utilization reviews, preparation of discharge summaries, participation in Inter Disciplinary Team (IDT) and Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee meetings and participate in inpatient pharmacy duties including intravenous preparations, shortages, dosage calculations, dispensing and inventory.

Since the success of this program heavily depends on the dedication of our community partners and pharmacy preceptors, we appreciate the time and effort put forth in educating our students and contributing to the development of future pharmacists. We welcome any and all of your comments and feedback which can be directed to me at 713.313.1232 or ebeidam@tsu.edu.

Adlia M. Ebeid, Pharm.D.
Director, IPPE